Successful cancer treatment depends not only on surgery!

Successful treatment always starts with correct diagnosis.
Investigation includes:

CT scan with intravenous contrast

Endoscopic methods (gastro-, colono-, bronchoscopy)

Biopsy of the tumor/lesion

Pathological examination with immunohistochemistry

MRI depending on localization

What kind of oncological diseases do we treat?

Lung cancer
Gastric cancer
Colorectal cancer
Esophageal carcinoma
Metastatic liver disease
Skin cancer
Thyroid cancer
Thymus tumors
Extraorganic tumors of the abdominal cavity

Chemotherapy – features:

Usually we put port system to the patient

Chemotherapy is done only in clinics with intensive care unit. This is about patient safety.

Patient receives chemotherapy on an outpatient basis

We treat chemotherapy complications, when they occur